Arctic Fox Review

Since discovering the brand Arctic Fox hair colour, I have been dying (pardon the pun) to try it out. I'd recently dyed my hair blue (again) and the first time I used Colour Freedom in the colour Aqua, from what I'd hear about Arctic Fox they seemed to work about the same in the fact that they supposedly don't bleed, meaning they will not stain anything your wet hair touches.

I was super impressed with the Colour Freedom dye so I decided to try out the colour Aquamarine by Arctic Fox!

Now I agree with most things said about this dye such as the pigmentation, I found it was very highly pigmented and quite possibly the best pigmented blue hair dye I'd tried so far, I've tried 3 blue hair dyes: Crazy Color in the shade Peacock Blue, Colour Freedom in the shade Aqua and now Aquamarine by Arctic Fox! However, the problem with it being so highly pigmented is that even though people have claimed the colour doesn't run from their hair, it stained my whole body when I was washing it out!

Since dying my hair with Arctic Fox I had to wash my hair over the bath every time I needed to wash my hair because the colour ran so much, I had a stained neck and hands for 2 days after every wash until t

he colour faded to a diluted version of Aquamarine. Although my experience with the dye wasn't great I was pleased with how long the colour stayed in my hair, I could've just brought a faulty bottle or maybe it wasn't real Arctic Fox, as I live in the UK it was cheaper for me to order the dye from so I might've ordered a fake even though the seller claimed to be the Arctic Fox company.

Despite all the pros, I was very pleased with: the pigmentation, how long the colour lasted in my hair and the smell (OMG it smelt so good! Like sherbert sweets, or love heart sweets). I would also try Arctic Fox again if I do ever decide to go back to unnatural hair colours!

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