Fruity Mate Date!

Since I've finished college I've decided to make the most out of my summer, about a week after me and my friend handed in our college work for our deadline we decided to have a mate date!

We went to Roundstone Pick Your Own farm (most of you may have heard of this from Zoella, PointlessBlog, Poppy Deyes etc..), we stupidly went on one of the hottest days of 2017 so far haha! Despite the hot weather we spent the whole day here and believe me it flew by.

There's many options of what to pick here and it's surprisingly super cheap making it perfect for a mate date or even a date with your other half. Out of everything there was to choose, we decided to get strawberries (and lots of them!), raspberries, onions and carrots.

When it came to paying for the food we'd picked, we both expected it to be pretty expensive but I only spent about £5! The food was also amazing (as told by my mum, who I got most of the fruits and vegetables for), I'm definitely hoping to come back!

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