Results Day!

So it turns out hard work really does pay off!

I've spent the last month or so preparing myself to not get the grade I needed for the university of my choice, I've pretty much only got a plan for if I have to go to my insurance choice university because I was 100% sure I'd only got a pass...

Low and behold, by some crazy unknown miracle I've managed to get into my first choice university. I know to some of you this may not seem like that big a deal but all throughout my education I've never got my predicted grades in, I'm pretty sure, any of my classes no matter how much I've tried in the past!

So, since I'll be off to uni in September I'll most likely be posting about how I'll be preparing and maybe it could help some of you going off to uni as well!

From my 2 year (or 3 year, if you include the year of AS levels) experience of college I've learnt these few things:

  • If you want something. strive for it and don't ever give up! There's been times in the last year when its seemed impossible for me to get the grade I need for uni but despite me wanting to give up, I didn't and now I'm so happy that I kept trying!
  • It does help to look back at feedback! About 2 weeks before my deadline I found my feedback from the grade I'd received in my first year at this college.
  • Hard work and pushing yourself really does pay off, this is the first project I actually pushed myself in all areas of work where as before I used to just choose the easy options.
  • Don't take the easy way out, yeah okay sometimes this is good and does actually work but I found that in the past when I've taken the easy way out I've never really gotten very far and I never really understood why even though I'd produced lots of work it hasn't brought my grade up because I haven't experimented with new techniques.

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post and maybe even found it helpful in some way! If you would like any more specified blog posts about college/uni then let me know, I have got some blog posts planned to do with my experiences with college and what I'm learning at the moment about getting into and preparing for university etc...

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  1. Congrats on getting into your first choice uni! That's awesome, good luck in September!


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