Feeling Stuck

Feeling Stuck

Hey Everyone...

Have you ever felt you needed to do more with life? Me too, I know I'm going to uni and that that's an achievement in itself but I feel like I should also be doing more with my life. As I'm writing this I have about 3 weeks until I properly have to move in ready for when I start my induction week about 2 days after, leading up to this I've felt I've needed to do more than just go to university. Even though I don't have the money I've felt that maybe I just need to travel somewhere new, learn something new or do something alongside university, partly why I started this blog to be honest with you!

I don't know how I'm going to solve this problem I'm having if I'm being completely honest, there's so much I still want to do and so much I still want to learn. I'm one of those people that needs to be doing multiple things at once and also feels like there's more to life than just going to uni and getting a job, there's so much I want to do and try, I want to learn how to do animations, learn to how to play the guitar and songwrite, learn how to draw realistically and learn how to be a hairdresser; basically just learn anything I feel like I want to or can do.

Fairly soon I'm hoping to start doing YouTube videos alongside this blog, I'm not even entirely sure what content I'll post on there but I'm hoping to enjoy it, I love sharing things with others, talking about experiences and how I plan to do certain things in my life. So far my plans are to start university and get a part time job alongside it while also running this blog and hopefully doing the odd YouTube video. I really want to get back into reading and drawing and also playing guitar, to be honest I'm quite annoyed that I still don't know how to play more than the odd riff on guitar so I'm aiming to be able to learn a song once I've found a guitar with a fret board small enough for my small girly hands. Anyway, I'm done with my little rant...

Have any of you ever felt like this? How have you overcome it if you have? Let me know in the comments or via private message on Instagram or Twitter!

Sending love
Billi x

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  1. I have felt this too. Especially, when I found out that I was off to university. But once I got there, I found some friends who enabled me to find new hobbies and learn so many things. Of course, I still yearn to more like sewing, languages etc. But university has been a great start to doing more, and feeling like I'm doing more with my life!
    Love Yung Rebel x

    1. Thank you! I really needed some reassurance that I wasn't the only one feeling like this, think it's the big step of going to uni and being the first one in my entire family to do so that's brought it on xx


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