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Hello Everyone!

First of all I just wanted to thank you all for the support you've given my blog recently, you're all truly amazing! If you want to keep up with when I post you can subscribe to my blog or follow me on BlogLovin. Secondly, I thought I'd write a post where you can all get to know me a little bit better, I know you learnt a bit about me from my Liebster Award post but I thought I'd do a post that's a little bit more in depth. So I've written a few facts about myself that you may not already know:

#1. I'm 19 years old, born on 22nd March, and live near Brighton.

#2. I'm about to move to Bournemouth for university and I'll be the first person in my whole family to be going to uni! So I've really gone in blind on such a big life experience.

#3. I love to read, as well as my love for make-up I really love to sit down with a good book. I think my current record of how quickly I've read a book is about three or four books in one week!

#4. I'm a massive vintage fanatic and I love old movies. I especially love those which feature Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Fred Astaire and the amazing Judy Garland (who starred in the first old film I watched, the Wizard of Oz).

#5. I'm a massive movie/film nerd! I can quote most films I watch after only watching them once, the film I can quote almost word for word is Finding Nemo. I can watch multiple films throughout the day and never be bored, I can also watch the same film repeatedly, so I can watch it day after day until I get sick of it (which pretty much never happens, especially with Disney films).

#6. I'm basically a child in an adults body! I still love watching all the old Barbie films, Jem and the Holograms, My Little Pony and would probably still watch Care Bears if someone ever asked me to. I love them all so much even though I've probably outgrown most of them.

#7. I currently have three tattoos and three piercings! I have my tragus, belly button (navel) and helix/cartilage pierced. The tattoos I have currently (in the order I got them) are: the Beauty and the Beast enchanted rose on my right arm, Tinkerbell and her sister Periwinkle's wings to represent me and my younger sister (most people confuse these for butterfly wings though) and finally a thigh piece of artwork of Audrey Hepburn.

#8. I did three years of college, I did one year doing A levels at one college before I moved to another college where I did two years of Fashion and Textiles Diploma and Extended Diploma, eventually coming out with a Merit which got me into university.

#9. I'm obsessed with the 1940's/1950's and some 80's things! If I could I would dress in 40's/50's clothes and do my make-up from that era, this is also where my obsession with red lipstick came from. The amount of red lipsticks I own is probably unhealthy; I'll probably do a post about the various red lipsticks I own.

#10. In America I've been to New York, New Orleans and Houston, Texas! One day I'd love to road trip around America but I really don't have the money, out of everywhere in the world though I want to visit Italy the most.

I hope you enjoyed this post and got to learn a little bit about me.
Love to you all... Billi x

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  1. Fab post. You're so lucky to live in Brighton I love it there so much! X

  2. I'm exactly the same with movies, absolutely love them. I studied broadcast and media production at university so everything about movies I adore. This is a really gray post and we've definitely got to know you a little better. You're going to love uni, it's such an experience! Xx

  3. Brighton is the one place I want to visit so desperately bad. I'm hoping to go over christmas, what things do you recommend to do there?! You're so lucky to live there for the time being! x


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