Homesense University Haul

Hello Everyone!

I hope you're all doing well! So last week, I went into Home Sense after visiting the Aviation Museum (a blog post on that will be up soon!) and I found a couple of homeware pieces for my flat at university and some stationery that wasn't on my list of things to get but I knew I'd either find use for them or they'd be helpful to have. I'll start off with the homeware pieces first:

So the first item I got was a set of dusky baby pink coat hangers with a gold hook, I have some of these already in my wardrobe at home from Primark but they don't do ones in a big bulk like these ones. I chose these because they go with the colour scheme and theme of things I've visioned having in my room at university or things I've already got for my room.

Hangers and Tray

The second item was a tray, I know not very interesting but I recently watched MsRosieBea's video about what to take to university and she mentioned how useful it was having a tray to carry things from the kitchen to your room. So I got this little vintage/Cath Kidston style tray, I thought it'd be useful to have in my room when I want a little set up for my tea, I'm taking my travel kettle so I'm going to keep some things in my room to make tea with for whenever I'm working hard on essays or making something.

Onto my favourite part! The stationery:

First item was this clipboard/notebook combo, this is originally from PaperChase but I found it in Homesense. This wasn't necessarily something I needed for university but I did feel like it could be very useful, especially for taking notes in lectures so I have something to lean one when I write notes. I also thought this would be fairly useful when I'm creating a costume as I can hold it and write down measurements and fabrics I'd need etc, especially when the table's full of stuff and I need to jot things down.
 Fake It Notebook

Second stationery item was a pink notebook that says "Fake It Until You Make It... a definitive guide" on the cover, this is just a general notebook but I loved the colour of it and it goes well with the aesthetic of things I've been getting, or looking at getting for university. Again, just another useful thing to have in lectures or if I need to jot down measurements for something.

Third bit of stationery, was this weekly planner! I thought this would be very useful as I could use it to note down dates and have a physical overview of what needs to be done that week. I tend to make a lot of lists or like to know exactly what I'm doing at what time on what day, I can also put reminders of when something needs to get done like an essay deadline etc. Just really handy for someone that wants to be organised.

Blue Notebook
 Weekly Planner

Final stationery item I got, was this dusky blue colour notebook. I thought I could use this to have specific things in it, so I know where to find certain notes by knowing what notebook or what colour notebook I kept them in. Just super handy and I also really like the look of this notebook, if you're anything like me, cute stationery is a must!

So that's everything I got from Homesense for university so far, I hope you found this helpful in some way, maybe you've found something you feel like could help you get organised or something you want to get to make uni life a little bit easier like I did with the tray. Thank you if you read all of this post!

Love, Billi x

*Anything in this post I've brought myself unless stated otherwise, opinions are all my own and this post is in no way sponsored*

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