My Trip to London!

Hello Everyone!

So on Friday just passed I went on a spontaneous trip to London with my friend Cody, I thought I'd share with you all what we got up to on that day and you all seemed to want to know too so here it goes...

Despite getting lost trying to get out of London Victoria train station we managed to find our way to Harrods; well I say find our way to Harrods, it was more of a detour on the way to the museums, a bit like when I take a trip to town and end up taking a detour into Superdrug before I actually get to the shops I'm supposed to go in. We must've spent at least a good hour in this place, then again how could you not when its like 100 shops in one! I finally got to smell Chanel No. 5 and it's even nicer than I thought it was going to smell. Of course I dragged Cody into the part where all the toys are, I even got a picture with Barbie in her packaging, when I say this I mean I was literally in the box haha! Found all the Harry Potter bits too, I so wish I'd had the money to buy Queenie's wand from Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, it's 100% my style and it was just gorgeous. We tried finding the Disney Store they have in there but had no luck (later found out from my mum that it was on the top floor not near the Toy Kingdom), I did find some Disney toys though which I wish I had the money for!

(Please excuse the way I look in these photos by the way, I'm really not a photogenic person!)
Next we went to the Science Museum, we spent most of the time in here looking for the interactive room to be perfectly honest with you haha! I did love the space and the old airplane exhibits they had in there tho! I loved seeing the old stuff in there probably more than I should have, Cody kept begging me to move along that's how much I was loving the historical parts of the museum!

Final stop during this trip was the Victoria and Albert Museum, now I'm a bit of an old person at heart so I was loving looking at the old sculptures, I've heard a lot of people say this museum is boring but I loved it for the amount of history in there, I might even have to take a trip back there on my own or something. Me and Cody were both getting fairly bored after a while though because all the exhibits I wanted to see you had to pay for, and neither of us had the money to do so; to kill our boredom we started taking pictures with the statues, especially since I'm basically just a big child at heart too!


Thank you for reading this post, thank you Cody for taking me to London and making it a cool day out, also thanks for putting up with my love of history and roping you into looking at things you didn't really want to look at and standing with me in the V&A bookshop for 20 minutes to not even buy a book from there but from the general gift shop instead haha! (If you want to know what I got from the V&A, I got a special copy of Little Women and a pen because why not!)

Thank you all for reading this,
Sending love to you all!
Billi x

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