Schwarzkopf Colour Expert Review!

Hey Everyone!

I know it's been a while since I posted anything but it's been a crazy few weeks, with getting everything ready for uni, finding housing etc etc...

Anyway... Lets get right into the review! 😊

So a while ago I decided to stop damaging my hair (finally, haha!) and go back to a natural hair colour. I was very cautious as to what dye to use as I didn't want to damage my hair anymore as it had become very dry and damaged and I didn't want to apply a dye that would cause further damage. Now unless you go to a hair dresser (which I really didn't have the money to do) it's hard to find something that will revive the hair and nourish it rather than damaging it further and Olaplex was waayyyyy out of my price range! That was when I found Schwarzkopf's new hair dye with Omegaplex....

Now I completely found this by chance but I was so glad I did! I found that the dye almost revived my hair, honestly it hasn't felt so silky smooth in such a long time and trust me my hair was pretty damaged (I'd definitely finally pushed it to its limits!)

The dye is very similar to using Olaplex but because it is a home dye it obviously has a similar product instead. In the box you get the usual products, the creme colour and the developer, you also get Step 1: The serum which you apply into the dye which is supposed to protect the hair from any damage. Step 2: A treatment conditioner which is to revive the hair and make it feel silky soft, this one you leave on for 2 minutes but I'd leave it on for 10. Finally, Step 3: which is a treatment you put on your hair similar to step two, you leave it on for 2-5 minutes (I again, left it on for 10), this one you apply in between dyes, it recommends you use it about 3 weeks after dying your hair; I have short hair so in each sachet I managed to get about 2-3 treatments out of it.

So would I use this dye again? YES! Without a doubt I will definitely be reaching for this again. I applied this straight over pastel blue hair and I was expecting it to go a purple kind of colour because of the red pigments in the Chestnut Brown colour, the blue dye was very bold but this completely covered up any signs of blue after just one application making the process so much easier for me. It left my hair looking so much healthier than it was before, I don't think I've ever been so impressed with a home dye before!

Thank you so much for reading my kind of long review! Well done if you made it to the end! 😂

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