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Hey Everyone, me again!

So I don't really know how but I've been nominated for my 3rd blog award, previous ones have been the Liebster Award and the Sunshine Blogger Award. Thank you everyone that's nominated me for these awards, I'm always so surprised when I find out I've been nominated, especially because I still think my blogs and posts need a lot of improving!

I've been nominated by AllAboutAmy and Sima Aykin from StyleGlint, for this award I have to share 7 interesting facts about myself or facts that people may not know about me, I then tag (or nominate) 7 other bloggers to do the same!

1. I'm a total bookworm...
So I don't talk about it much but if you've noticed who I follow on twitter, you'll notice I follow a lot of book accounts, this is because I actually like to read a lot. I'm so hooked on books that I'll spend hours in a book shop or library deciding which book to take out, my friends even try to avoid the book aisles in shops so we're not in a shop for so long.

2. I've only had 3 jobs in my life so far...
My first job was as a Homecare Assistant, my second was at a shoe shop called Brantano and my third was at a Wetherspoons pub which I left a few months ago now.

3. I used to play guitar...
As a kid I wanted to be a pop star, from a very very young age I used to beg my Uncle (also called Billy) to play his guitar, this was his most prized possession and probably still is so he would only let me play if he was holding the guitar. I used to do guitar lessons in first school, I did them on and off until about halfway through high school where I decided to teach myself, this was no good though as the guitar was too big and my fingers couldn't reach the top of the fret board.

4. I've never broken a bone...
I know, considering I used to jump off of things as a kid I've surprisingly never broken a bone, I've sprained parts of my body but I've never actually broken a bone.

5. I've always done an art subject throughout education...
All throughout school I've done art, up until my second and third year of college where I did fashion but it's still an art subject so I guess it still counts. I did art GCSE and did Fine Art in A Levels at college.

6. I believe in mystical things...
As a child I always believed in fairies and all things mystical, as I've gotten older these things haven't changed, call me crazy if you want but I believe that just because you can't see something doesn't mean it's not there, if all these mystical creatures have been legends all throughout history then who's to say they aren't or weren't actually true at some point in history.

7. I'm not religious but I believe in Gods...
So to explain this one, basically I went to a Christian school throughout first and middle school, or primary school depending on what you call it, as I got older I decided I didn't believe in the Christian God (I'm not saying I'm against it these are just my own personal beliefs). I'm very much into history and learning about the history of things, basically I believe in Greek and Egyptian Gods, I believe that there is more than one God! I could go deeper and tell you about how I believe aliens existed in Ancient Egypt but that's probably another post for another time!

My Nominees:
Rosy Smith
Addicted to Romance
Anne The Ginger
Life With Fernie
Lots Of Livres
Rant Eat Sleep Repeat
Lacey Social

I look forward to seeing what you guys write about, thank you again for my nominations!

Love Billi x

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  1. Interesting post! Love finding out quirky facts about people :)


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