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Hello Everyone!

Me again with another post for you! This time about University, I recently did a poll on my twitter page asking you if you wanted me to do some blog posts about University as I'm starting my first year in September and you all said yes. I then did another poll asking whether you wanted me to post 'What I'm Studying At University' first or 'Why I Decided To Go To Uni', this post got the majority of votes but don't worry because I will be doing a post about why I decided to go to Uni fairly soon. So... onto the post!

So as you all guessed I'm off to uni very soon, from the day I'm writing this I've got about twenty six days until I get my keys to my accommodation which is very exciting!

When I go to University in September, I will be studying Costume and Performance Design. This is a subject that I just knew I wanted to do, I've been a fan of dressing up/cosplaying for as long as I can possibly remember. I remember as a little girl, the first competition I ever won was a fancy dress competition around Halloween, the prize was tickets to see my local pantomime of Sleeping Beauty (massive Disney fan I am I was obviously very interested) now this was probably around 2005/2006, I can't remember exactly but I do know it was after Tim Burton had released the Corpse Bride. The reason I know it was around then was because I actually went to this competition dressed as the corpse bride Emily, I made the costume (with the help of my mum) by using an old Victorian style wedding dress and using blue eyeshadow round my eyes, dark lipstick (I think) and lots and lots of white powder on my face.

So that's the earliest costume related thing I remember. In my first year at college, I was studying 3 AS Levels and they were Photography, Fine Art, Textiles and Film Studies. Now Textiles and Film Studies, whilst actually being my least favourites at the time, were the two subjects I was good at (I still liked these subjects though), Film Studies actually ended up being my highest grade out of all the subjects that year, it was actually my Film Studies teacher that suggested I think about looking at a career in Costume as I was studying Film and Textiles. I really love film and I really love making and designing clothes, I've always been a creative person too which is good because I've never been the academic type (so no clue how I did so well in Film Studies).

I spent my 2nd and 3rd year in a different college studying Fashion and Textiles, this was to work towards me getting to University as Costume is only a University course, much to my disliking. I did work hard throughout these years though, evidently as I'm now off to study Costume at Uni in September.

The main thing that made me want to pursue a career in costume was the costumes for the 2015 live action Cinderella film, I was absolutely blown away by the colours and the design, so much so that I even bought the patterns for Ella's main dress and the Fairy Godmother's dress. I've watched that film countless times since. Also, during my Final Major Project (FMP) I was starting to give up on the idea of doing costume, until the new Beauty and the Beast came out in March this year. Okay, I wasn't all too keen on the yellow dress in this film although when I saw it in action on the screen I did fall in love with it, it was actually all the other costumes in this film that made me want to continue working towards a career in costume and thank god it did!

I'm not sure if this was very helpful but hopefully my next one about university will be, if you have any requests on what university related posts you'd like to see then comment them below.

Love to you all,
Billi x

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  1. This is so cool! Love the subject you chose! Please keep us updated about your university journey!X

  2. This is so cool! Love the subject you chose! Please keep us updated about your university journey!X

  3. so, I said fashion designing....not correct, but close! I wish you the best and do keep us updated.

  4. I'm sure you're going to have an absolutely fantastic time at Uni, and I'm so jealous, I wish I could start Uni all over again! I too LOVE LOVE LOVE Disney films and the Ella dress was incredibly beautiful, I loved it so much! I look forward to hearing more as you progress through your studies :) xx

  5. Looking forward to more posts about your uni experience! Costume and performance design will be so interesting ! X


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