Red Lipstick Collection

Red Lipstick Collection post

Hey Everyone!

If you don't already know, red lipsticks are a staple in my makeup collection. I actually thought I had way more red lipsticks but turns out I don't, I have recently had a makeup clear out though so that might be why, either way my obsession with red lipsticks is pretty high.

Basic lipsticks: These are all the red lipsticks I have that aren't liquid lipsticks or lipstains etc, the first one I got was the NYC lipstick which is a very bright and bold red, quite possibly one of my favourites as I love a bright red lip!
Basic Red Lipsticks

I also have three other red lipsticks, one being a Disney limited edition lipstick (I don't know the brand sorry) in the shade Potion. Then two avon red lipsticks, these are long lasting and do stain the lips slightly which just makes them last longer in my opinion. They're both really nice matte shades, only problem I have is the applicators quite big so I have to apply this using a lip brush but I can just use the lipstick to reapply throughout the day.

Liquid lipsticks: I have three liquid lipsticks, I don't know where the third one is but it's a Mega Matte Lips by W7 Cosmetics in the shade Hasta La Vista. The ones photographed are one by MUA Cosmetics, this is a deep red shade which I absolutely love, I wore this when I went out for Halloween in 2016 it's gorgeous! It can become a bit uncomfortable though but I love the colour so much that I don't really mind it.
Red Liquid Lips
 The other one is the Kylie Cosmetics lip kit in Mary Jo K and OMG I love it so so much, it's pretty much a matte version of the NYC lipstick I've shown but it lasts longer, this one is more comfortable than the MUA one.

Red Lipsticks

That's all of my red lipstick collection! What is your go-to lip colour, or which lip colour do you own the most of? I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have any red lipsticks you'd recommend then please let me know as I love trying new red lipsticks, especially let me know of deep red shades!

Much love,
Billi x

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