The Missguided Barbie Collection

Barbie Missguided

Hey Guys!

I don't want this to be misleading so I'm going to get this out of the way right now, I don't have any of this collection I just wanted to do a little post about what I think of it and any bits that I want from the collection!

So if you don't know already, Missguided have a Barbie collection (I know, my inner child is screaming too!) and OMG I want so much out of this collection it's unreal, unfortunately my student allowance says no and I have to basically beg my mum for some of this for Christmas because believe it or not I would actually wear things that say Barbie or have Barbie on them I know, I'm such a child...

Some of the things in this collection I've kind of looked at and thought "Really? That's in there." Some of it to me is very Kylie Jenner-esc, meaning women with my body type which is not exactly thin but not in the plus size area either so there's some bits that are clearly made for women with tight toned stomachs and good abs etc etc. Don't get me wrong I like Kylie, I think she's done incredibly well with her cosmetics range especially considering she's only like a year or so older than me and is taking the cosmetic industry by storm! Basically what I'm talking about is the co-ord kind of sets that you either buy together or separately, there's a fair few cropped items that I probably wouldn't buy unless I wore it with a pair of high-waisted Mom jeans.

Items that stood out to me:
These are items that I either really really want or would wear.

First item, the oversized denim jacket! I've wanted a denim jacket for years and at some point I will find one I absolutely love and can afford. If I had to have one item out of this collection it would probably be this jacket, it's so simple but I love it. They also have an acid wash looking one which is a plus-size so if you're a UK size 16 or more, I envy you because I love this jacket but it's already oversized so I'd look like I was swimming in it unfortunately.
Oversized Barbie Denim

Second item (or items), in this collection they have some really nice basic tees which I love! I live for basic tee-shirts; I'm quite simple when it comes to every day style, I'll wear a basic tee and jeans and pair it with a leather jacket or some boots and accessories to dress it up a little bit, in autumn/winter I'll wear them underneath a big hoodie with a pair of leggings and some boots. They have a really nice shirt which comes in black and white (also available in plus-size), really simple and lovely, they have other basic tees in this collection if you're a basic tee-shirt and jeans girl like myself.
Barbie Tee

Third item I'm going to talk about is the basic hoodies in this collection, many of them are cropped but I particularly like this one, I'd probably pair it with a pair of high-waisted Mom or Boyfriend style jeans (I love the oversized look). They have many other jumpers and other great items in this collection if you want to have a look yourself, they have a really nice sparkly basic tee which I love!
Black Barbie Hoodie

The range has something for everyone in it; joggers, jumpers, bodysuits, you name it it's probably in this collection. I believe it is limited edition so once it's gone it's gone, so if you want something and you're lucky enough to have the money for it then definitely snap it up! This post is in no way sponsored, all opinions are my own, I just thought I'd share with you some bits from the collection that I love and/or want.
Barbie Missguided
Love to you all,
Billi x

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