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Hello everyone!

I feel I've kind of abandoned my university series on my blog, I haven't actually done a post since the first one which was What I'm Going To Study At University about 2 weeks ago; if you haven't checked it out yet make sure you do especially if you're going to read more of this series! So I thought I'd do a quick post about the things I learnt from my three years at college (yes I did three rather than two, I'll do another post explaining that in more detail!), here we go!

1) You Won't Make Friends With Everyone.
Now just because you won't make friends with everyone doesn't mean you won't make some life long friends at college, I made really good friends with Natasha from Lingerie Lovin during the three years we spent at college together and we pretty much stuck by each other and pushed each other throughout the whole time. Basically, just be polite to each other and accept that not everyone will want to be your friend and not everyone may like each other but being polite and giving each other support (especially in the third year) is a good way to get through college; when on a creative course everyone inspires each other and being nice even if you might not particularly like each other is good life skills for when you pursue a career, not everyone will get along but pushing and inspiring each other will make the experience a whole lot easier!

2)  Use Constructive Criticism To Your Advantage. 
I've learnt from my first year at that college that I stayed at, that even though the teachers criticise your work and you may not want to listen to what they have to say because you don't like an idea they have, they are there to help you and they are more experienced than you are! They may have already worked in the industry you want to go into but they're also very experienced with getting students the grade they need to get into university or how to present your portfolio the best way for the universities you are applying for. After only getting a Pass grade at the end of my first year, I set myself the plan that I will ask for help as much as I need it, I kept my teachers informed on how my project was developing and when I was stuck; having a fresh pair of eyes looking at the project and seeing it from a different perspective helped a lot with developing ideas, use constructive criticism to your advantage because it's what helped me get into my first choice university!

3) Enjoy The Time You Spend There
Trust me the years at college fly by, especially in the last year because of the whole uni application process! Enjoy the time you spend there because it may not seem like long but you're there and done in what feels like a blink of an eye, I spent my final year trying to enjoy college as much as possible and get the most out of it, I ended up enjoying it so much that I actually didn't want to leave! I'm going to miss my teachers from college without a doubt, it's going to feel so weird not seeing them at university, I almost cried when I got my results (I'd applied to do university at my college as my second choice as it was a university campus), it meant I was actually moving away and I wouldn't be seeing these familiar faces around anymore which was quite upsetting because I really loved that college!

4) It's Okay To Not Enjoy Everything You Do
I've had projects where I've hated what I've done or been doing, I tend to lack interest if I feel the projects drag out too much, I was even starting to lose interest in my final major project but the best thing to do is to look at it from different angles, find the parts that interest you about the project and use those to help you continue to enjoy the project. Even if you're not enjoying something 100% then just put the best you can into it, there's no point doing a half done job because you won't be able to do that in the real world, if you don't give 100% in the projects you're given in life then find what you do like and give your all because if you do your best then chances are it'll lead you onto bigger and better things that you will end up enjoying. In life you can't always pick and choose what you do, but you can try to see the good things in it and make the most out of the situation!

5) It's Alright If College Isn't For You
I've seen people come and go from my college course, even one of my friends ended up leaving because they decided that college just wasn't for them. College won't be the only path to the career you want, it's also okay if you change your mind on what you want to do a bit down the line. I stopped doing A Levels because they just weren't for me, I wasn't doing very well in them because it felt like too much going on at once and I wasn't enjoying the subjects I was doing; if you decide at any point that your course or the subjects you're doing just aren't for you anymore don't be afraid to change them! I know personally that I wasn't enjoying or getting the most out of the A Levels I was doing and that I only did A Levels because I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted to pursue as a career yet, hence why I switched to a UAL course once I'd decided what it was that I actually wanted to do.

I hope you enjoyed this and found it helpful in some way! The idea of this post was actually inspired by Life With Han's YouTube video where she talked about what she learnt from our course at college called Top 5 Things College Taught Me, be sure to check out her channel and blog!

Sending love,
Billi x

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