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Hey Everyone! 

With my first year very (scarily) quickly approaching, in fact I think it's only about a week until I move in, I thought I'd do a post about why exactly I decided to go to university.

If you'd asked me in my last year of high school if I was going to go to university, the answer would've been "No, why would I waste money to go somewhere just to get drunk." So I still think the idea of going just to go out clubbing in your first year is still pointless, everyone suggests going to university for the cheap student nights and I always give them a puzzled look as if to say "Do you really think I'm only going to university for the clubbing experiences?" I'm going for my education and to better myself, to be completely honest with you I couldn't care less about going to Freshers nights out and spending my time clubbing (doesn't mean I won't go on a night out occasionally).

The whole reason I decided to go to university was because I decided that it was the best thing for me to do, for most of my life I couldn't have cared less about whether or not I went to university. With the fact I want to pursue a career in Costume, I kind of had to go to university, I've looked at other pathways and I decided going to university to study Costume was the best option for me, I want to better my sewing and pattern making skills and have someone prepare and teach me how to put myself out there and get a job either in theatre or film. Also the fact that to learn costume as a subject, you have to be at university level as there aren't really any costume courses at college.

So there's the main reasons why I eventually decided that university was the one for me, I only made this decision two years ago and so far I'm glad I did. I'll keep you all updated with how I get on, if you have any requested university related posts then leave them in the comments or find me on any of my social media profiles (linked at the bottom of this post).

Until next time,
Billi x

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  1. Billi, I'm so jealous that you're just starting out! My first year was back in 2004, and all of the experiences of that year were so exciting. Best of luck!


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