Adjusting to Life at University: One Month In!

Hey Everyone!

So it’s been about a month since I last posted on here, it’s been a very busy month I must say. I’m writing this while I’m waiting for a sketchbook to be delivered so I’ve got a bit of time to write up a quick written blog post, so sorry this post won’t include any photos but I’ll probably do a post soon showing all the work I’ve done so far at uni. I don’t know how long it’ll be until my next post goes up because I have a deadline in just about a week so I’m going to be super busy getting work done! Anyway, lets get on with the post….

I started University almost a month ago now, it’s honestly flown by so fast I honestly only feel like I’ve been here a couple of weeks at most but I think that’s due to adjusting to living on my own for the first time and adjusting to the university campus and the course. I’m still doing a lot of introductory lessons for certain things, like the other day I had my first session in the dye room where I learnt how to use Disperse Dyes and the domestic dye called Dylon, these are used to dye fabrics for those of you that may not know. It was a really fun session though, I have some photos which I might include in another post or just on my Twitter.

I’ve now been living on my own for a month on the 16th I believe, so about 2 days from me writing this! I would say it’s been a hard adjustment but it actually hasn’t; I’ve been learning how to budget my money and cooking for myself all the time has been a bit of a pain but other than that I’ve been loving it. Having to do my own washing a lot more often (I think I only did it twice at home and that was my mum preparing me for moving out) has been a bit of a pain, if you’ve ever been to university before you’ll know that most student accommodations you have to pay to do your washing like you would if you used a laundrette.

Adjusting to university itself has been pretty easy, I really like the university I’ve chosen, I’m not sure if it’s because it’s an arts university but it feels a lot like my college’s environment (the one I stuck at for 2 years). I’ve made a few friends, there’s a lot more international students than I thought there would be, there’s people from all over the world in my course it’s crazy and so diverse I love it!
I hope you guys are doing well, what have you been up to lately? Have any of you just started university as well, if so what do you think of it so far? 

Love, Billi x

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